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FOWLR vs Fish-Only Tanks: What’s the Difference?

Aquarium ownership is one of the best ways to add a hobby to your life while adding a decorative touch to your home. For many, it’s an easy choice. Deciding the type of aquarium, however, can be difficult. One debate people often have is FOWLR vs fish-only tanks. If you’re going to own an aquarium, you need a basic understanding of both types so you can choose the right one for your home.

FOWLR vs Fish-Only Tanks: What’s the Difference?

What is FOWLR?

FOWLR stands for Fish Only With Live Rock, which leads to another obvious question: what is live rock? Live rock, which is actually not alive, is made from the long-dead skeletons of coral, which make up the majority of a coral reef. These “rocks” are encrusted with algae, specifically coralline algae, which plays an important role in a reef’s habitat. The live rock can also hold tiny invertebrates and sponges.

The FOWLR aquarium, therefore, has fish and live rock, but no living coral.

FOWLR vs Fish-Only TanksFOWLR Advantages

The primary purpose for having live rock in your aquarium is to add a natural filtration system. The coralline bacteria found on live rock can be useful for naturally filtering the water, creating a healthier environment for your fish. The bacteria also provide nutrition to some fish, but most of all, it creates a more stable marine habitat.

Live rock also adds another layer of visual presentation to the aquarium. While there are certainly some stunning artificial decorations, live rock gives the aquarium a more natural appearance.

Advantages of a Fish-Only Tank

With the advantages of FOWLR aquariums, it seems logical that everyone would simply use live rock in their tanks. However, there are some important benefits to having a fish-only tank. First of all, fish-only tanks are easier to set up and maintain, making them ideal for new aquarium owners. If you are interested in marine life and want to ease into the hobby, starting with a fish-only aquarium is a good idea.

When considering FOWLR vs fish-only tanks, some people also prefer fish-only because the colorful fish remain the center of attention. For some, the fish is really what matters, and a fish-only tank provides a focus that stays squarely on the fish themselves, not the aquarium’s decorations and accessories.

Helping You Understand FOWLR vs Fish-Only Tanks

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FOWLR vs Fish-Only Tanks

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