6 Month Guarantee

An Industry Leading 6 Month Guarantee

How does our guarantee work?

Seatech Aquariums honors our 6 Month Live-stock Guarantee when your aquarium is installed or re-designed by Seatech Aquariums and you use our professional aquarium maintenance program (to be tailored to your specific Freshwater, Saltwater or Reef environment). Once your aquarium has been setup and cycled (established) to the Seatech Aquarium standard, the clock begins and we guarantee your live-stock for 6 months.

What if Seatech Aquariums takes over my aquarium from a previous provider?

At Seatech, we understand needs change and we are always here to welcome new opportunities. When we make our initial consultation, we will review together what elements or items may be causing any potential issues and how we will need to bring your aquarium up to the Seatech standard. Once your aquarium meets the Seatech Standard and passes the cycling period as determined with our annual maintenance program, the 6 month live-stock guarantee takes effect.

What is the Seatech Standard?

The Seatech Standard is based on proven of years success in Freshwater, Saltwater and Reef environments. The Seatech Standard of Aquariums, includes but is not limited to: Ample Filtration – Mechanical, Biological and Chemical. Climate / Temperature Control. RODI Water + Water Conditioner and Lighting requirements for Reef Tanks.

*Upon meeting with a certified Seatech Aquarium representative, we will outline all terms and conditions on our standard policy for the 6 month guarantee program. Contact us today to setup your free consultation.

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