A girl admires fish in a nano tank. There are many species of freshwater fish and saltwater fish ideal for nano aquariums.

Saltwater Fish and Freshwater Fish that are Ideal for Nano Tanks

March 16, 2020

Nano tanks are popular in the aquarium industry because they are convenient while still allowing hobbyists to obtain beautiful and graceful pets. Ranging from 5 gallons to 30 gallons, nano fish tanks can be placed on desks, in offices, in bedrooms, and on small stands. If you are considering starting a nano reef tank, you [&hellip

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Leaf fish literally look like leaves and can camouflage themselves into their environment.

Tricky Little Leaf Fish: The Species that can Blend In Like No Other

February 29, 2020

Here’s one you may have never heard of before and most likely never saw in real life. And even if you did you might not have known it. It swims like a fish and acts like a fish under water, but you’d mistake it for something that was once on a tree high in the [&hellip

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17 Facts about Starfish and How to Care for Them in Home Aquariums

January 29, 2020

If you are a longtime hobbyist who is considering obtaining your first starfish, here are a few starfish facts and aquarium care tips you should know

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The banded archer fish is one of the most common brackish fish for home aquariums.

Brackish Fish for Home Aquariums: What They Are and How They Live

December 18, 2019

Beyond the saltwater fish and freshwater fish lie species of fish that many aquarium owners might not talk about quite as often: brackish fish. Brackish fish allow for an amazing combination of the best of both worlds, and they open up possibilities for intriguing aquarium designs. What Brackish Fish Are Brackish fish live where freshwater [&hellip

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Basic components of a reef tank include saltwater fish, coral, filters, gravel, rock, and a lighting source.

Aquarium Installation: Basic Components of a Reef Tank

November 29, 2019

We love saltwater reef tanks for many reasons. If you’re planning to have a saltwater aquarium installed in your home soon, we have no doubt that you will be just as entranced as we are. Whether you’re working with Seatech Aquariums or installing the fish tank on your own, it’s important to understand the basic [&hellip

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Goldfish might not be the best choice for a child's first fish, but with some education and aquarium maintenance tips, the pet could possibly live up to 20 years.

A Child’s First Fish: Why Goldfish Might Not Be the Best

October 31, 2019

It seems every child had a goldfish growing up. The child may have given the fish a sweet little name and fed it every day like clockwork – maybe even a little too much. The child likely loved the little pet right up until the day the fish took its final breaths … within about [&hellip

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