There are 70 different species of betta fish.

Bad to the Fishbone: Everything You Want to Know About the Bold and Beautiful Betta

February 24, 2019

The betta fish is bad to the bone, and it knows it. With a personality four times its size and an unforgettable flair, the most popular betta fish are named Japanese fighting fish or Siamese fighting fish for a reason. They can be very aggressive, so much so that they need their own fish tank. [&hellip

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If you plan to add shrimp in a fish tank, prepare to have some fun.

What You Should Know About Including Shrimp in a Fish Tank

February 20, 2019

Various types of shrimp make awesome cleaners. They clean up the tank of algae, skin, and plant waste, as well as provide it with something different for you to watch. As long as you know the best ways to care for shrimp in a fish tank, you should have a good cleaner in there for [&hellip

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Natural ways to control algae growth in a fish tank is to regularly clean the live rock, gravel, and plants.

Keep It at Bay: 11 Ways to Control Algae Growth

January 31, 2019

Algae is a natural part of the underwater ecosystem. For that reason, some algae growth is beneficial for a fish tank. However, too much algae can create a harmful and unnatural environment for your wildlife. Aquarium owners must take steps to balance and control algae growth, and most of them are relatively easy to do. [&hellip

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Some interesting killifish facts include the fact that there are more than 1,000 species of killifish, as well as the fact that annual killifish only live for up to 9 months.

Freshwater Life: Killifish Facts

January 29, 2019

Despite its deceptive name, the killifish is one of the most peaceful freshwater fish. In addition to its calm demeanor, the killifish also is less fussy than some other aquarium fish. As if that’s not enough to make it popular among hobbyists, it also adds brilliant color to a fish tank. The main problem with [&hellip

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How do fish drink water? Or do fish drink water at all? It's a question many people ask. The answer is different depending on if it is a freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

How Do Fish Drink Water?

January 19, 2019

One question many people have asked is: Do fish drink water? Just like humans live in air and also breathe it, fish need to consume water to survive. How they get water into their bodies, however, is the interesting part. Saltwater and freshwater fish take in water differently. They do need salt in their bodies [&hellip

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Vitamins for freshwater and saltwater fish can accomplish everything from making the color of fish more vibrant to helping the fish recover from an illness.

Supplements and Vitamins for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

January 12, 2019

In addition to healthy foods, there are several types of vitamins for freshwater and saltwater fish that will give their skin a healthy glow, strengthen their teeth, improve their overall health, make their hair longer and silkier. … OK that last one is only for humans and maybe dogs, but the rest is all believed [&hellip

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