Holiday gift ideas for your pet fish in 2021 can brighten your season too. A red discus fish is shown here with green plants in the background.

Pampering Your Pet Fish for the Holidays: Gifts You Know They’ll Love

December 3, 2021

Your dog is getting lots of new chew toys and tasty treats. Your kitty is getting a charming new cat tower. But what are your fish getting? You’re not forgetting about them, are you? Don’t do that! They may be your quietest pets, but they also can make your day so much better. They might […]

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A quarantine tank can be used to separate a sick fish from the main aquarium.

Quarantine Tanks: How to Set Them Up When You Need Them

October 27, 2021

Question: What’s in common here?: You bought a new fish. Your tank is cracked. One of your wet pets is sick. One of your fish is a bit of a bully. Answer: You need a quarantine tank! And you need to know how to set up the quarantine tank in order to use it properly […]

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If you are looking for aquarium maintenance in Phoenix, you gain many benefits with Seatech as your partner.

Aquarium Maintenance in Phoenix: What You Gain with Seatech as Your Partner

August 28, 2021

Are you looking for aquarium maintenance in Phoenix? We’ve been providing fish tank maintenance in Arizona for more than 20 years, and there are many reasons why we’ve been trusted for so long. It’s not only about the convenience of fish food delivery … even though we do that. It’s not only about the meticulous, […]

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Sparkling gourami fish, shown here, are among the most popular nano tank fish.

Nano Tank Fish: Phenomenal Cosmic Personalities … Itty Bitty Living Space

August 4, 2021

Don’t judge a fish by its tank. Nano tank fish have some of the biggest and baddest attitudes in the underwater world. They might not know how little they are in the grand scheme of seas, but you’ll without a doubt start to see them for what they really are — beautiful, fun, intriguing … […]

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A rainbow shark, shown here, is among popular aquarium sharks.

Popular Aquarium Sharks: A Fascinating Commitment with a Stunning Appeal

July 2, 2021

Sharks. They’re not just for scary movies. In reality, they are some of the most popular aquarium fish. There are hundreds of breeds of sharks and rays, and most sharks are not nearly as large as Jaws. So don’t fear the water. If anything, sharks can become your favorite wet pets. 5 of the Most […]

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This is a colorful image of a variety of fish, including tang fish, clown fish, flame angelfish and blue Malawi cichlids, amid coral and rocks in a fish tank. Contact us for fish tank maintenance in Arizona.

Fish Tank Maintenance in Arizona: How to Find the Best Service for You

June 1, 2021

Fishkeeping is clearly a very popular hobby in the Valley. For that reason, many companies offer fish tank maintenance in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  So how do you fish through them to find the best one for you? The first step is to answer a few questions about yourself. Finding the Ideal […]

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