Our Favorite Types of Coral for Saltwater Aquariums

November 24, 2018

Beautiful coral is one of our favorite elements of saltwater aquariums. The fact that they vary so extensively by nature is fascinating, and the colors, shapes, and details add exciting color and character to your fish tank. Because so many types of coral for saltwater aquariums exist, swapping them or adding new ones into your [&hellip

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6 Ways to Tell Your Aquarium Needs a Redesign

November 19, 2018

So you’ve had your aquarium for years, and you definitely wouldn’t want your home or place of business to be without one. But it’s clearly not the same as it used to be. There was a time when your eyes would sparkle just looking at your spectacular aquarium. Now, you have to squint your eyes [&hellip

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Fish Tank Sizes: Why It’s Important to Choose an Adequate Size

November 13, 2018

You can see it, can’t you? A young child holding a fish bowl with both hands, peering into the top to see the fish swimming around. It seems every child cared for a little goldfish at some point, but somehow, all the goldfish went to a happier place, as Mom and Dad said. There are [&hellip

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Most Popular Bottom Feeders for an Aquarium

October 30, 2018

Creating a natural habitat for your wildlife is one of the most interesting aspects of owning a fish aquarium. In addition to fish, rocks, gravel, plants, and manmade filters, the most ideal fish tank community includes wildlife that would clean the tank in a natural body of water. Fortunately, you have many great options, as [&hellip

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Snails in Your Fish Tank: How They Got There and What It Means

October 24, 2018

One day, you look into your fish tank and notice a cute little snail clinging to the inside of the glass. You’re curious how it got there, knowing that you didn’t put any snails in your fish tank, but you let it be for the time being. A couple days later, you see that that [&hellip

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Aquarium Living: How Fish Sleep

October 21, 2018

Most animals need to sleep in some way, shape, or form in order to replenish energy, but how fish sleep is especially fascinating to humans. After all, the fish don’t have beds, they can’t stretch out, they don’t go to a different room for silence, and most don’t even have eyelids! It’s hard to believe [&hellip

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