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Saltwater Aquariums

Seatech Aquariums is your complete source for salt water aquarium design, setup, stock (fish and marine life) and tank maintenance. Need Fish, Food, Chemicals, RODI Water, Hardware and more, we will help.

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Freshwater Aquariums

Seatech Aquariums is your best choice when you decide to pursue your hobby and professional freshwater aquarium. We help with aquarium setup, installation, live-stock, freshwater plants, lighting, oxygen systems, chemicals, hardware and much more.

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Reef Aquariums

Seatech Aquariums can help out even the most experience aquatic experts when it comes to reef tanks and aquariums. We provide maintenance, chemicals, RODI water, the latest technology in filtration, lighting, wave makers and more to protect your investment. Looking for rare corals or frags? We have access.

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Service and Maintenance

Seatech Aquariums puts customer service first with our professional aquarium maintenance packages. Sit back and enjoy your Aquarium while we handle keeping your livestock living, water changes, chemicals, hardware replacements, scratch free glass and acrylic, and more.

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24/7 Emergency Services

Seatech Aquariums is proud to offer 24/7 services for our exceptional cliental. Our customers who use our aquarium maintenance packages receive the benefit of always knowing your Aquarium is in the best hands possible with Seatech always being available for those urgent needs.*

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