Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater Aquariums, Live Plants and More

Seatech Aquariums has worked with our freshwater clients for years and has the expertise you are looking for when considering setting up or redesigning your freshwater aquarium. Our freshwater fish tank setups include colorful fish, custom stands, and even live plants. Our expertise makes sure the basics are in place first which is the Seatech Standard, including but is not limited to: Ample Filtration – Mechanical, Biological and Chemical. Climate / Temperature Control. RODI Water + Water Conditioner and Carbon and Lighting requirements for the live plants. Once we have the foundation for success, we carefully create an incredible landscape of starter inhabitants, until we fully cycle the tank to handle bacteria and safe water parameters for the most sensitive inhabitants.

Our clients choose Seatech Aquariums to help design or re-design their freshwater aquariums, take over the tank maintenance and form a program tailored to long-term success, assist with choosing the right livestock, chemicals, RODI water and more.

While setting up a freshwater aquarium is less complicated than setting up a reef or saltwater aquarium, we have insights and expertise that will benefit your investment long-term. We know the weight and stand requirements, the right size tanks for beginners to seasoned experts, the importance behind the right amount of water movement and filtration, the best gravels, using purified water, proper heating, and how to introduce both fish and plants to gain long-term
success and enjoyment of your new freshwater aquarium.