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Holiday gift ideas for your pet fish in 2021 can brighten your season too. A red discus fish is shown here with green plants in the background.

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Pampering Your Pet Fish for the Holidays: Gifts You Know They’ll Love

Your dog is getting lots of new chew toys and tasty treats.

Your kitty is getting a charming new cat tower.

But what are your fish getting? You’re not forgetting about them, are you?

Don’t do that! They may be your quietest pets, but they also can make your day so much better.

They might not wag their tails in gratitude or be able to rub their foreheads against yours as a way of saying “thank you” for their gifts, but let’s pretend they can express these emotions. The holiday season is all about magic, after all, so let us help you make the season come alive for your wet pets.

Here are some great gift ideas for your pet fish … and maybe for yourself too.

1. Buy them a bigger home.

Now that’s one grand gesture for the holidays. With more room to swim and sway and breathe and play, they’ll appreciate you more than they know. As long as you have the space for it and maintain it properly, you really can’t go wrong with a larger fish tank, regardless of the species inside.

2. Introduce them to some new friends.

If you’ve been wanting to grow your underwater family, the holidays may be the perfect time to do just that. Most fish enjoy the company of good friends with traits they like, so introducing new pets to your aquarium may make life exciting for all of its inhabitants.

Bonus: You’ll be giving the new friends new friends too!

(Of course, you probably are familiar with the rules, like trying to choose livestock that are compatible, as well as slowly acclimating any new fish to the water in your fish tank. See this blog to learn how to do that.)

3. Decorate your fish tank for the holidays.

Buy holiday-themed decor for fish tanks, which will provide your livestock with new places to play. Consider decor the fish version of pet toys. Make the experience even more fun by changing the color of the lights in your tank, switching up the color of the gravel, adding colorful rocks, and, if it’s a saltwater aquarium,  introducing red-green coral into your tank

4. Pamper your wet pets.

You can’t overfeed your fish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some healthy vitamins into their tank to shine up their scales and boost their spirit. Consider it a mani-pedi for your fish.

5. Modify their diets, if it’s advisable.

Ask me which foods are best for your pets. If you’re not already feeding your livestock the most nutritious foods, this might be a good time to consider improving their diet. More substantial and more ideal foods will not only keep them healthier, but they will likely keep your tank cleaner.

Your fish tank is an aesthetic element of your home, so remember to incorporate it into your decor this season.

Ask me for additional tips on how to make the appearance of your aquarium come to life, either for the holidays or in order to start the new year off just right.

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Stimulating growth of coral in a reef tank requires several steps.

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Stimulating Growth of Corals in a Reef Tank: A Few Tips that May Do the Trick

The beauty of having corals in a reef tank is being able to watch them work their magic. As corals change and grow, they gives your saltwater aquarium a different aura every month. To encourage this lively environment, it’s important to create a habitat that is not only healthy for fish, but also stimulates growth of corals in the reef tank.

Aquarium hobbyists have learned several tricks over time that can help turn a coral reef tank into an exotic, intriguing waterscape that enhances the atmosphere in a home or business. 

Benefits of Adding Corals in a Saltwater Aquarium

Adding corals in a saltwater reef aquarium serves several purposes.

It creates a more natural habitat similar to what you may find in oceans and seas. Creating a natural ecosystem is a goal of any experienced hobbyist, as it facilitates a healthier, happier atmosphere in the tank.

Adding corals in a reef tank also adds color, beauty, and intrigue in the aquarium. The movement of the corals is a sight to see, and it also helps move the water to keep it cleaner.

Most significantly, corals provide a place for fish to play and hide, which is especially important for timid fish or fish that may feel threatened. If you have saltwater fish that would have relied on corals in the wild, it’s wise to mimic that type of environment in your aquarium in order to make the fish more comfortable.

Stimulating Growth of Corals in the Reef Tank

Adding corals in the saltwater aquarium is only the first step. It’s also important to stimulate growth of the corals in the reef tank if you want to take the appearance of your aquarium to the next level.

Growing corals requires the right combination of light, food, nutrients, and water flow. Many hobbyists who grow coral-only tanks dedicate hours and build their own tools to create the optimal environment to help corals thrive.

Maintaining appropriate temperature and salinity is a key for virtually any type of saltwater fish tank. 

Specifically in this case, the pH level of the water is a key to stimulating growth of corals. 

Some hobbyists choose to create a higher pH in order to do so. An ideal pH level to stimulate coral growth is 8.2 or higher, according to some aquariasts. This tactic is ideal for coral-only tanks, however, as this level may be too high for fish. You may be able to later transfer the corals to a saltwater fish tank.

Use a pH probe or machine to monitor the water of the coral tank. The level of the pH will fluctuate throughout the day, especially because at night there is not as much light energy. Therefore, the pH level may be low first thing in the morning. After hours of natural and artificial light during the day, the level will likely be highest toward the early evening.

While some hobbyists maintain only one type of lighting, others believe that an adequate aquarium light intensity along with the use of a spectrum of light is a better way to stimulate growth of corals in the reef tank.

A saturated solution of calcium hydroxide and water can also be used to increase the pH level. Equipment and products are available on the market to help drip this solution into the tank steadily, safely, and accurately. 

And then, of course, are the basics: food and other nutrients. Corals need zooplankton, nitrates, and phosphates to grow and remain healthy. The levels of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and other basic elements must be monitored and maintained as well.

Contact us for more information about how to keep corals healthy and strong in your aquarium.

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