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The cherry-like lump on the head of a flowerhorn fish is called a nuchal hump, or kok.

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Flowerhorn Fish: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

If you look at flowerhorn fish at just the right angle, it looks like they’re wearing elegant hats for a black-tie affair from a different era. The look rather suits them.

You might also see a chef’s hat, so perhaps it’s its way of disguising itself as everyone’s favorite cook to keep from being eaten alive.

Others think more of a flower with a beautiful round blossom on top. Yet others see a horn like you’d see on a child’s bicycle.

Any way you look at it, these cichlids are clearly some of the most unusual looking pet fish around.

All About the Flowerhorn Fish

The lump on top of a flowerhorn fish is called a nuchal hump or kok.We would call its uniqueness beautiful, but we don’t want to give it a big head.

Ah, sorry … we couldn’t resist one more bad dad joke. We’ll stop now and just tell you what you want to know about these bubbly fish.

  • They’re not completely natural. They’re manmade hybrid fish.
  • The cherry-like lump on their heads is called a nuchal hump.
  • You can get one for a reasonable price of $10 or so, but some can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Flowerhorn fish can be very aggressive, so they need their own tank. In fact, even plants can’t live with them. If you do add plants to the tank, make sure they’re minimal. Artificial plants may be a better option in this case, and man-made filters will help keep the tank clean.
  • They grow to about 8 inches long.
  • Keep the temperature in the tank at about 82 degrees. A neutral pH level of 7 is recommended.
  • Common varieties are Golden Base, King Kong Parrots, Kamfa, IndoMalau, Zhen Zhu, and Thai Silk flowerhorn fish.
  • A flowerhorn fish, which is a hybrid fish, is known for its big mouth and big head.While they hold the crown with hobbyists, other fish think they’re the pits. When released into the wild, some flowerhorns are considered invasive species to the native environments.
  • Flowerhorn fish have only existed for about three decades.
  • With proper TLC, they can live for about 11 years.
  • Although they’re aggressive, they tend to have lively personalities. They may even bond with you once they get to know you.
  • The nuchal hump regularly expands and shrinks.
  • Also called a kok, the lump looks like a big brain, but it actually consists of fat and a gelatinous structure. Therefore, it can be damaged or torn easily, which may explain why they prefer to be alone.

See our blog page to learn more about different fish characteristics, aquarium maintenance, and more.


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Knowing what fish tank owners should do during a power outage can help protect your livestock from uncomfortable or even dangerous conditions.

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What Fish Tank Owners Should Do During a Power Outage

From the lighting to the filter, your fish tank relies on various pieces of technology in order to keep your fish safe. If the power goes out, it can disturb your fish as much as the humans and other pets in your household. Being prepared by knowing what fish tank owners should do during a power outage can help protect your livestock from uncomfortable or even dangerous conditions.

How Fish Tank Owners can Protect Livestock During a Power Outage

If the power outage only lasts for a few minutes, there’s no need for concern. If the outage lasts for more than three hours, you may want to consider taking action to protect your livestock. Without power, oxygen in the tank will become depleted, the temperature will drop or rise, and ammonia will build up.

Following are a few ways fish tank owners can protect livestock before and during a power outage.

1. Invest in a backup generator.

Purchase an uninterruptible power system that you can use during the outage. You can buy one at the pet store, a general hardware store, or through power company suppliers.

2. Buy a battery-operated air pump.

If the outage is expected to last less than three hours, a battery-operated air pump may do the trick. Make sure you have spare batteries available at all times.

3. Have extra RODI water on hand.

If the filters are not working, it means the water will get dirtier. If you have our RODI water delivered to your home, make sure you order an extra jug to have on hand. You can use the backup for an extra water change if needed or to create a temporary fish tank if the main fish tank is unusable or unsafe.

4. Include natural filters and bottom feeders in the tank at all times.

If the manmade filter goes out during a power outage, the rocks, gravel, plants, and bottom feeders will help keep the fish tank safer for a little longer. It’s not a permanent solution for a long-term power outage, but it can help temporarily.

5. Maintain the appropriate temperature of the water.

It's important to protect livestock during a power outage. You can do so by having a battery-operated air pump and generator available to use for your aquarium.When you live in Arizona and the power goes out, the water may become too warm for the fish to handle. Float a bag of ice cubes on the top of the water occasionally to bring the temperature down if necessary. Be careful not to shock the fish with the ice, and use a temperature gauge to avoid bringing the temperature of the water down too much.

Remember that in addition to the filters, the lights and heaters are likely out as well, so the water may become too cool. If it does, you can wrap a blanket around the outside of the tank. Don’t cover the top.

6. You don’t have to feed them as much as usual.

You don’t want to starve your fish, but you can reduce how much you feed them during the power outage. The less they eat, the less waste they’ll produce, which can help minimize the increase of ammonia levels in the water.

Emergency Services

Seatech Aquariums offers 24/7 emergency services for its customers. If you have a power outage and are concerned about the welfare of your livestock, contact us. We can answer your questions and assist you as needed.

Contact Seatech Aquariums for fish tank maintenance or additional information on how to protect your livestock during a power outage.

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