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Leaf fish literally look like leaves and can camouflage themselves into their environment.

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Tricky Little Leaf Fish: The Species that can Blend In Like No Other

Here’s one you may have never heard of before and most likely never saw in real life. And even if you did you might not have known it. It swims like a fish and acts like a fish under water, but you’d mistake it for something that was once on a tree high in the sky. It’s called a leaf fish, and it’s one of the most peculiar-looking fish around.

Curious? Here are a few facts about the wondrous leaf fish.

Leaf fish, or leaffish, have the ability to camouflage themselves into their environment.

Leaf fish, or leaffish, have the ability to camouflage themselves into their environment.

  1. A leaf fish’s body is oval-shaped and flat. The fish literally looks like a dead leaf, and it tends to float around the bottom of a fish tank.
  2. In the wild, it can be found in the Amazon River basin.
  3. A full-grown leaf fish is typically about 3 to 6 inches long.
  4. The pH level should be 6.0 to 6.5.
  5. The water temperature of the fish tank should be 77 to 82 degrees.
  6. Its fins are transparent, further contributing to its leaf-like appearance.
  7. It’s an aggressive fish with a large mouth that has a pointy lower jaw – one that no doubt strikes fear among its prey. In fact, the shape of its mouth creates a suction that allows it to devour its prey quickly. Hobbyists consider this quite a sight to see.
  8. They are usually orange, yellow, or brown, like the color of fallen maple leaves in the autumn.
  9. Because it is aggressive and has an appetite twice its size, this fish will eat anything in its way. If you choose to have one for a pet, it should have its own tank of at least 25 gallons.
  10. Ironically, it gets scared easily, so the tank should have plenty of hiding places for it. 
  11. It is also referred to as a leaf scorpionfish or a paper fish. There are several species of this fish, including African leaf fish and Amazon leaf fish.
  12. Poison glands are attached to the dorsal and pelvic spines.
  13. In a tank, it should be given live foods such as shrimp.
  14. As if its appearance isn’t deceptive enough, it also changes color to match its surroundings.
  15. These fish can live for more than 10 years.

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