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What is the Difference Between Live Rock and Dry Rock?

If you’re new to owning an aquarium, you’re probably pretty confused about the difference between live rock and dry rock. If you’ve been an enthusiast for a long time, on the other hand, you’re probably insistent on the best types of rock to have in your aquarium.

You’ll be happy to know that there are no winners or losers, as both methods have their pros and cons – but luckily more pros.

What is Live Rock?

When most people think of live rock, they think of a music concert. When we think of live rock, we think of a dance floor for sea life.

Live rock forms when pieces of old coral reefs break off and end up in shallower water. There, various types of invertebrates make it their home.

What is Dry Rock?

Dry rock is wet live rock that has been dried and cleaned before it is used. However, good and bad bacteria still grow on it over time.

What is the Difference Between Live Rock and Dry Rock?

What is the Difference Between Live Rock and Dry Rock

When you’re talking about the difference between live rock and dry rock, what you’re basically talking about is “now or later.”

Live rock already has sea life growing on or in it, which enhances the beauty of a tank. Aquarium owners love to watch the growth, which can result in an array of colors and rather amazing sights.

On the other hand, dry rock has been cleaned beforehand, but growth will eventually occur. In this case, some of the creatures might not be ideal for the tank, so they would need to be removed from the tank later.

Algae will grow on both types of rock, but the algae on live rock tends to be more suitable for the tank.

Another difference between live rock and dry rock is the price. Dry rock probably will be less expensive because it’s easier to get and weighs less.

In the end, however, both types of rock will beautify your aquarium and contribute to fishes’ health and enjoyment in the tank. More importantly, rocks and gravel are a part of the filtration system in your tank. In fact, the rocks act as a sort of natural filtration system, although you still need a manmade system to help it along.

For those reasons, choosing the best rocks and filtration system is important for the lifespan and beauty of your tank and its inhabitants.

Contact Seatech Aquariums for More Information

Remember that the type of tank you have – be it saltwater or freshwater –could make a difference regarding which type of rock is best. There’s a lot to think about, so if you need help, let us know.

We can offer you suggestions or guide you in the process, including installing and maintaining your tank. We can be reached at any time through our Seatech Aquariums website or by phone at 602-628-7270.

What is the Difference Between Live Rock and Dry Rock

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