Important Facts About Saltwater Aquariums

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Important Facts About Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater tanks are stylish, chic, and offer many types of species to choose from. Unlike freshwater tanks, they can be costly and regular tank care is a must. Below are a few facts about saltwater tank you need to keep in mind.

1. Movement

Your tank’s water flow needs to be chaotic to supply gravity, while being able to remove waste and debris. Saltwater tanks should be large enough to handle the type of water flow needed. In a freshwater tank, water movement does not need to be quite as chaotic and brisk.

2. Salinity/Gravity

Prior to each water change, record your tank’s specific gravity levels. Saltwater fish use salt water to replace body fluids lost during osmosis. Freshwater fish diffuse water with their gills. This keeps their body’s fluids level. Proper gravity ensures tank dwellers are in elements that are ‘natural’ to them.

3. Stability

This is vital to having healthy and happy aquatic dwellers. Freshwater fish have an easier time adapting to change. Saltwater fish are not able to deal with change so easily. Any changes you make need to be minor and well planned.

4. Water

The quality of water, either salt or fresh, depends on balancing many elements. Specific gravity, temperature, pH, alkalinity, calcium, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate and trace elements have to ‘blend’ as one. If any of them are out of sync, your tank will create stress and imbalance. Even in a freshwater tank, water quality cannot be lost, just to save time or money.

RO/DI Water: An Aquarium’s “State of Mind”

Remember those bags of goldfish you can win as a prize at carnival games? They are cute, fun, and for them, keeping them in tap water once you get them home may be ok. But once you start branching out into a more serious ‘aquarium’ state of mind, you need to use the safest water possible. That is why most saltwater aquarium ‘gurus’ use RO/DI water.

RO/DI water provides a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of nearly zero, which means that you can customize your saltwater mixture to fit your inhabitants and their exact needs. When using RO/DI water in freshwater tanks, you ‘know’ that you are getting a clean slate that you can manage quickly and easily. RO/DI water prevents ick, disease, algae blooms or premature death.

saltwater aquariumSeatech Aquariums: Your #1 Source for RO/DI Water

Poor water quality has a ripple effect from top to bottom! Don’t take chances, or waste your time and money. Let the aquatic team at Seatech supply quality RO/DI water for all your needs.

Mike and Jimmie have years of success with RO/DI water in all of their tank set-ups and maintenance. They understand how vital water is to success in owning a saltwater tank. They are ready to assist you with all of your aquarium needs, while optimizing your satisfaction. Best of all, they offer a six-month guarantee on all of their livestock!

Visit Seatech’s website for more information or call them to set up a consultation. Whether you live in Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Mesa, or any other surrounding area, Seatech will be happy to visit your home or office to provide first-class service and answer all your aquatic needs.
Keep your tank in shape with quality water and maintenance from the aquarium professionals at Seatech. You won’t regret it!

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