Freshwater Life: Killifish Facts

Some interesting killifish facts include the fact that there are more than 1,000 species of killifish, as well as the fact that annual killifish only live for up to 9 months.

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Freshwater Life: Killifish Facts

Despite its deceptive name, the killifish is one of the most peaceful freshwater fish. In addition to its calm demeanor, the killifish also is less fussy than some other aquarium fish. As if that’s not enough to make it popular among hobbyists, it also adds brilliant color to a fish tank. The main problem with them is that they probably won’t live as long as some other fish. If you’re considering obtaining one for your home aquarium, following are some basic killifish facts that will help you.

12 Killifish Facts You Should Know

1. Although they’re very peaceful, like many other fish, they can be competitive with other fish of the same gender and breed during mating season.

2. There are more than 1,000 species of killifish.

Killifish are peaceful, beautiful, and easy to maintain in a freshwater aquarium. One of the killifish facts you should know, however, is that they have a short lifespan, no matter how well you maintain your fish tank.3. Annual classes of killifish live up to only 9 months. Semi-annuals can live up to three years, and non-annuals can live up to five years.

4. The largest is about six inches, while the average size is about 3 inches.

5. You should feed them live fruit flies, brine shrimp, mosquito larva, and worms. They can be fed frozen foods as well.

6. The male killifish has an interesting social life. He usually lives with several female fish. He has to chase them to spawn, but the females find places to hide.

7. Male fish are brighter than female fish – in appearance, that is. It’s not clear which sex is smarter, but we’re betting on the female based on point number 6.

8. They have one of the most peculiar mating habits of any fish. Some lay fish with hard shells inside the mud of swamps and other shallow bodies of water, but only at about two inches underground. Once the pond dries up, the eggs hatch after it rains. The parents, however, will usually have already died, so they won’t meet their babies.

9. Because they prefer cooler temperatures, hobbyists are more likely to have success with them if they are placed in their own tank. The temperature of the tank for killifish should be about 68 degrees, while the ideal temperature ranges from about 74 to 80 degrees for other types of freshwater fish. However, killifish tend to have a short lifespan regardless of how well you take care of them.

10. The largest family of killifish is Rivulidae, which consists of more than 300 species. Other families include Aplocheilidae, Cyprinodontidae, Fundulidae, Profundulidae, and Valenciidae.

11. They can help control algae growth in a fish tank.

12. They live everywhere in the world except Australia, northern Europe, and Australia.

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