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Yellow tang and clownfish are in a fish tank. Choosing a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium is a tough choice.

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Freshwater Aquarium or Saltwater Aquarium: How Do You Possibly Decide?

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to have a fish tank installed, the next choice is this: freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium.

“How do I possibly decide?” you wonder. “I want all the fish!”

It’s a tough decision, we know. We love them all too. Knowing the pros and cons regarding both freshwater and saltwater tanks, however, may help you make that important decision.

Installing a Freshwater Aquarium: The Good Side

The Celestial Pearl Danio is a common freshwater fish.

Celestial Pearl Danio

  1. Freshwater aquariums can be easier for beginning hobbyists to maintain.
  2. Freshwater fish are often less expensive and easier to find.
  3. Generally speaking, freshwater fish are often tougher than saltwater fish, so they might live longer.
  4. The tank doesn’t have to be massive in size. Even something as small as a 13-gallon tank might do, depending on how many inhabitants it will house.
  5. Freshwater itself is generally cleaner.

Installing a Freshwater Aquarium: The Bad Side

  1. Live plants in freshwater tanks can get out of control easier. You can choose artificial plants to eliminate this possibility.
  2. If you truly want live plants, you will need to include special equipment, fertilizers, and carbon dioxide, which are added expenses.
  3. Freshwater fish aren’t always as glamorous in appearance, although they are beautiful in their own right.

Installing a Saltwater Aquarium: The Good Side

One factor that can help you decide between a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium is how colorful the fish are. This powder blue tang saltwater fish is shown in a reef aquarium.

Powder Blue Tang

  1. The fish can be more colorful.
  2. It’s easier to create an environment that mimics nature when you add live rock and other forms of livestock.
  3. Saltwater tanks and their inhabitants may have more of a story to tell, especially when you can obtain unusual species of fish.
  4. Watching a saltwater tank over time can be more delightful because its appearance changes on a regular basis.

Installing a Saltwater Aquarium: The Bad Side

  1. Salt for the water is an added expense, and mixing the salt into the water can be time consuming. You can eliminate this step as well by ordering a RODI saltwater mix from us for delivery to your home.
  2. The fish can be more expensive.
  3. Maintenance can be more challenging. (Again, helping to maintain your aquarium is what we’re here for.)
  4. The fish tank may need to be bigger because saltwater does not hold as much oxygen as freshwater.

Fair disclosure: Many of the above are generalizations. With good decision making and proper fish tank maintenance, you can reap all of these benefits with either a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium. So truly, it’s all about preference and available space in your home or business.

Good luck in making your choice! Let us know if you need help deciding. And remember: there’s little reason why you can’t have two tanks. And there you have it: the best of it all.

Contact Seatech Aquariums for fish tank maintenance or additional information on how to choose between a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium.

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