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Most Expensive Aquarium Fish: What They Are and What Makes Them So

Do you really want some oohs and aahs from people looking at your fish tank? Try to find one of these babies! But don’t hold your breath for the most expensive aquarium fish, as they are just as rare as they are spectacular.

You might have better luck buying the least expensive of the most expensive fish, which are only about, oh, $1,000 to $2,700.

So if that’s considered relatively inexpensive, how much could the most expensive one possibly be? Read on.

The Most Expensive Aquarium Fish

The least expensive of the most expensive aquarium fish are somewhat affordable for an enthusiast who truly wants to own one. They include the candy basslet at $1,000, the golden crossback arowana at $2,000, the clarion angelfish at $2,500, and the wrought-iron butterfly fish, which looks like it’s wrapped in a chain, at $2,700.

Following, however, are the five most expensive fish on record.

Bladefin Basslet

Price: $10,000

It is found mostly in the Caribbean and only grows to about 1.5 centimeters. It swims at a depth of about 700 feet. It often has a white or silvery body with a few wide red or orange stripes.

Masked Angelfish

Price: $20,000

It is usually found around the Hawaiian islands but is rarely seen. As a juvenile, its body is all white, but it has a black area around its face. If it’s a male, its markings will get lighter over time, but the female fish stay the same in appearance.

Peppermint Angelfish

Price: $30,000

The peppermint angelfish is usually striped red and white, like a candy cane. It can be found in tropical reefs and grows to about 7 centimeters. It’s so rare that, as of 2012, it could only be viewed at a commercial aquarium, the Waikiki Aquarium at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

The most expensive aquarium fish include the black-masked ange

Although there are many different types of angelfish, such as this banded or Black Bandit angelfish, the masked angelfish and peppermint angelfish are among the most expensive fish on Earth.


Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Price: $100,000

One of the most unique-looking fish, the freshwater polka dot stingray is shaped like a basic oval-shaped stingray. Its body, however, is black with white polka dots. Adults can measure 18 inches in diameter. It might be hard to differentiate one from rocks, as it buries itself in the sand during the day.

And the rarest and most expensive fish on record?

Platinum Arowana

Price: A whopping $400,000

Although it’s found on several continents, it’s the rarest and most expensive fish in the world. It’s a freshwater fish that has a slim, long, platinum-colored body with metallic scales, which give it a glow unlike any other. Its large scales make its shine even more pronounced.

The most expensive aquarium fish is the platinum arowana.

The platinum arowana is the most expensive fish on record at $400,000.


Give that Fish the Home It Deserves

With a fish that expensive, you need a truly outstanding aquarium to do it justice. Call or email us to build a freshwater or saltwater aquarium that’s worthy of that precious fish. With that kind of investment, you want to make sure you get the highest quality tank and best fish tank maintenance assistance you can get.

Besides, we’d love to see those fish!

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