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Ever Want to Own a Shark? Here are the Best Sharks for a Home Aquarium

When we think of a shark, we think of “Jaws,” dangerous teeth, enormous creatures and powerful oceans. Well that’s only part of the story. Realistically, there are hundreds of different types of sharks, some of which you can even have as pets. The best sharks for a home aquarium would provide your family with plenty of enjoyment and probably some excited, “What? You have a shark?” comments from visitors. But what are the most ideal sharks for home aquariums? Well, right off the bat, we’d definitely stick with the little ones. …

4 of the Best Sharks for a Home Aquarium

Best Sharks for a Home Aquarium

Following are four of the best sharks for a home aquarium. Most have similar characteristics, and in the wild, they tend to be bottom-feeders. They also tend to be nocturnal and prefer shallow water with coral reefs.

These fish are the best sharks for a home aquarium because they don’t grow much larger than about 2 feet long, generally. Contrary to popular belief and movie myths, they tend to be relatively friendly animals.

1. Cat Sharks

There are about 160 different kinds of cat sharks in 17 categories within the Scyliorhinidae family. They often have cat-like eyes and dark bodies with unique markings. Generally, they grow to about 30 inches long.

2. Bamboo Sharks

As described on the St. Louis Zoo website, bamboo sharks belong to the family Hemiscyllidae. They are known as cat sharks because, like most cat sharks, they look like they have whiskers. Two of our favorite types of bamboo sharks are white-spotted bamboo sharks and brownbanded bamboo sharks. They prefer shallow, tropical reefs, and in the wild, their preferred foods are crab, shrimp and small fish.

3. Epaulette Sharks

The epaulette shark also is in the Hemiscyllidae family, and it is certainly a site to see. Similar to many other types of sharks, while it does swim, it mostly “walks” on its fins, as stated on the Aquarium of the Pacific website. Epaulette sharks are about 30 inches long and have slender bodies with unique markings.

4. Wobbegong Sharks

Wobbegong sharks have carpet-like marks on their bodies. Some of these sharks do grow very large, so before you buy one, make sure it’s the right species. There are about 12 different types of wobbegong sharks within the Orectolobidae family. As described on the Shark Sider website, you will want to look for a tasseled or Ward’s wobbegong for a home tank.

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Best Sharks for a Home Aquarium


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