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Do You Need a Heater for a Fish Tank?

If you’re new to owning an aquarium, you probably have a lot of questions about how to create the best environment for your wildlife. One question you may have is whether or not you need a heater for a fish tank.

The truth is, if you want to ensure a suitable environment for your wildlife, including a heater in your aquarium setup is a must – sometimes.

When You Need a Heater for a Fish Tank

You need a heater for a fish tank if you have tropical fish. Tropical fish can be either freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

One would think that fish and other wildlife adjust to their tanks, and in a sense they do. But they flourish more, are healthier, and are more comfortable when the fish tank environment mimics a natural environment.

Do you need a heater for a fish tank? If you have tropical fish, you generally do.A heater is therefore necessary to regulate the temperature inside the tank. A temperature of 78 degrees, or 76 to 82 degrees, Fahrenheit is ideal for many tropical fish, and you will need a thermometer to ensure that the temperature is just right.

You can choose either submersible heaters, which sit on the bottom of the tank, or heaters that are only partially submerged into the water. Both have their advantages and disadvantages; heaters that are fully submerged basically regulate themselves, while the controls are accessible with the heaters that are only partially submerged.

Both could possibly be dangerous when you’re doing water changes, especially the submersible heaters. If they’re left on when there’s less water in the tank, or when they are out of the tank, they could overheat and explode.

It’s also important to choose a heater of the right size, as a heater that is too large is more likely to overheat the tank. The ratio between aquarium size and heater wattage should be about 3 to 5 watts per gallon.

Ask for Help

If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a heater for a fish tank, or if you need help choosing and installing a heater, contact us for assistance. Obtaining help from an aquarium maintenance technician is especially important when you’re dealing with equipment that could endanger you or your wildlife or damage the tank itself.

In addition to installation services, Seatech offers a free consultation for beginners, so contact us with your questions. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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