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Bubble algae in a saltwater fish tank is considered a pest.

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What is This Bubble Algae in My Saltwater Fish Tank?

Bubble algae may look pretty in a saltwater aquarium, but it’s important to bite the bullet and make efforts to eliminate them from the tank anyway. This type of algae can multiply before you know it, essentially ruining your beautiful aquarium and endangering the fish and other wildlife.

What is Bubble Algae?

Bubble algae can be found in oceans in tropical and subtropical climates around the world.Bubble algae look a little like boba that you might add to bubble tea or self-serve frozen yogurt, only larger.

They’re actually called Valonia Ventricosa and are a species of algae found in oceans in tropical and subtropical regions. They are most often green, but they may appear silver, teal, or black. The surface of the cell is shiny, and the diameter of each one ranges from less than half-inch to as much as 2 inches.

What Would Happen if This Type of Algae Got into a Saltwater Aquarium?

Bubble algae are considered undesirable pests. They cling to objects in the aquarium, and they reproduce quickly. They’re most often found on live rock and coral.

Anytime you have too much algae in a fish tank, the algae could suck oxygen away from fish and plants, as well as muck up the water to the point that you can no longer control it efficiently. Ultimately, it would endanger the health of your fish and other livestock.

Unfortunately, even well-maintained saltwater tanks may get a bubble alga or two. If you spot them and remove them quickly, you can stop the growth before it becomes a problem.

How Do You Remove Bubble Algae from a Saltwater Fish Tank?

Bubble algae can cling to live rock in a saltwater aquarium.Because bubble algae are like the ticks of the underwater world, removing them can be tricky. If you find one or two, manually removing them is best. However, you must ensure that you also remove the anchoring structures, or they will grow back. You also must be careful not to pop them, or they’ll multiply.

If possible, remove the object that the algae is on – such as perhaps a plant or live rock – from the tank prior to trying to manually remove the algae. This would help to prevent any of these complications. Afterward, leave the object in the sun for a few days, which will dry remaining algae. After a few days, use RODI water to rinse off the object before returning it to the aquarium.

A Midas Blenny is shown in a saltwater reef. As an algae eater, various types of blennies can help you get rid of bubble algae in your aquarium.Other ways to remove or keep bubble algae out of the saltwater fish tank include:

• Adding algae eaters to your tank. Blennies and saltwater tangs are good options. Emerald crabs and foxface rabbitfish may be effective as well.

• Using a siphon to clean the gravel, and have a professional saltwater aquarium maintenance technician clean your tank regularly.

• Avoiding overfeeding fish in your tank, which will have a negative domino effect on the overall habitat.

• Keeping your filters working properly.

• Considering using a safe solution that helps to control algae growth, such as API Marine AlgaeFix or a similar product.

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6 of the Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

Choosing the best nano saltwater fish for your nano tank might be one of the few times in your life that you’ll be glad to be facing tough decisions. They’re all so beautiful that you’ll probably want them all. We feel the same way.

But first, if you’re new to owning an aquarium, you’ll need to start with some pointers about how to choose the best saltwater fish for your tank.

4 Qualities to Look for when Choosing Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

1. You should choose fish that will stay small to fit their living space.

2. The best nano saltwater fish for your nano tank will get along with other fish, but are tough enough to last.

3. The fish should be able to eat common foods and adapt to their environment.

4. Overall, your aquarium should be harmonious in terms of the types of fish that are in there, the plants, the gravel and coral, and any other features.

6 of the Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

Once you know a little more about their temperaments and traits, you’ll need to narrow down specifically the best nano saltwater fish for your nano tank.

Saltwater fish enthusiasts have their favorites, so you might want to take their advice with a grain of salt and go with your gut. Nevertheless, here are some of our favorites to give you some ideas.

Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank1. Clownfish

“Finding Nemo!” … Or “Finding Dory,” if you prefer. Either way, these fish became especially popular after the release of the first of these two beloved full-length cartoons. And we can see why. Clownfish are very fun … and also kind of funny, as the name implies!

Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

2. Blue or Green Chromis

Do you choose a blue one? Or a green one? Or a blue-green one? It doesn’t matter. Whichever one you choose, you’ll find that their fluorescence looks great in the tank, that they are peaceful and that they should get along well with other fish. When your friends, family or customers admire your tank, you’ll smile and fondly point out the Chromis fish, saying, “Those are the nice ones. Aren’t they cute?”

 Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank3. Coral, Neon or Yellow Clown Goby

Goby in general are high on many people’s lists regarding the best nano saltwater fish for your nano tank. We like the Coral Goby, Neon Goby or Yellow Clown Goby because they are bright and fluorescent, adding fun and liveliness to your tank.

Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

4. Blue Devil Damselfish

When they’re on top of their game, you won’t see any damsels in distress here. Damselfish are very territorial and defend their food and reproductive sites from intruders. You do want fish to be strong, as it will help them to live longer lives. Plus, these fish are just too pretty to pass up.

Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

5. Tailspot Blenny

This fish is not quite as eye-catching as the others. But as we learned from Rudolph, every creature has its place. The Blenny is among several types of algae eaters that will assist in keeping your aquarium clean, helping the filters work as well as possible. Other aquatic animals that can help keep your tank clean include snails and certain types of crabs.

6. Cherubfish, also known as Pygmy Angelfish

Best Nano Saltwater Fish for your Nano Tank

These fish are angelic both in appearance and character. They like to hide, so your reef tank will provide them with many places where they will be happy. But they are curious at the same time, so they might notice you’re there and then quickly disappear. You’ll point this one out to your friends and say, “This little guy likes to play peek-a-boo.”

Ask Us for Suggestions

The possibilities are endless regarding the inhabitants of your aquarium. Because factors including the size of the tank and the time it takes to care for the fish could make a difference in the best nano saltwater fish for your nano tank, let us help you decide.

We can be reached through our Seatech Aquariums website or by phone at 602-628-7270. We’ll look forward to showing you how exotic and exciting your aquarium can be!

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