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Aquarium redesign ideas can take your fish tank to the next level.

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Aquarium Redesign Ideas Phoenix Fish Tank Owners will Love

Are you tired of the same look in your aquarium? Could it use some sprucing up? If so, there are many aquarium design ideas that can take your aquarium to the next level.

Consider these options for a new look.

1. Change the color or location of the lighting.

Certain species of livestock require specific lighting colors and strengths, so it’s important to design aquariums with these needs in mind. That being said, you can experiment with optimal colors in order to accent different features of your tank. Lighting can also bring out the colors of the fish in ways you never saw before. 

Installing new types of lights or moving the lighting elements to different areas around the tank can beautifully modify the appearance of your aquarium as well.

2. Design your aquarium with a Phoenix theme.

Normally, water has very little to do with Arizona, but a little yin and yang could add charisma to your aquarium. Add palm tree decor for a Scottsdale look or red rock for a Sedona theme. For a reef tank, consider adding staghorn corals, which would look like tumbleweeds blowing in the sand. Opt for reddish or brownish gravel to represent the mountainous landscape.  

3. Replant the aquarium.

One reason hobbyists decide to redesign their aquariums is because live plants have become unmanageable. Over time, trimming plants may make them look tattered and torn. In other cases, live plants that are not maintained may take over the tank – leaving an unappealing appearance and perhaps even a dangerous habitat for the fish. In this case, you may wish to start from scratch with fresh plants, new gravel, rocks, and decor. 

4. Swap your current fish tank for a newer model.

Perhaps simply changing the tank itself would do the trick, which is clearly an easy solution if the tank is starting to look worn.

Switching to a larger tank would give your fish more room to swim, which can make them even more fun to watch. 

Here’s a fun fact: Biological factors keep some fish from growing in smaller tanks, but they may be able to grow in a larger tank. It’s fascinating but true. For that reason, swapping fish tanks may even change the appearance of your aquarium residents. 

Along these lines, if you go for a larger tank, you may be able to add compatible livestock to further enhance your aquarium’s appeal.

Another idea for an aquarium redesign is to switch from a glass tank to an acrylic tank or vice versa. As a longtime aquarium tech here in Phoenix, I personally prefer the acrylic tanks, as they are lighter and more durable. However, a glass tank does add a dazzling shimmer.

Side note: If you do decide to get a new fish tank, check the quality of your current tank. If it’s in decent shape and does not have chips or cracks, keep it for use as a quarantine tank or as a temporary tank that you would use during aquarium cleanings.

5. Switch the rocks and gravel.

Add new rocks or decor, or choose a different color for the gravel. If you have artificial rock in your aquarium, for instance, consider live rock. Live rock changes frequently with algae growth, so it makes your aquarium more entertaining.

6. Add new, colorful coral.

Coral works wonders for an aquarium’s design, and you have a world of options. Adding new coral into your reef tank will give your aquarium a whole new life, and probably even liven up your fish as they explore the new additions.

Are you ready to update your aquarium, or are you looking for additional aquarium design ideas? Contact me, and I’ll be happy to help you transform your aquarium into something amazing.

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