The Secret to a Thriving Aquarium: Four Tips you Should Know

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The Secret to a Thriving Aquarium: Four Tips you Should Know

Want to have a clean, clear, vibrant aquarium? The secret to a thriving aquarium is meticulous care and attention to detail, but there are a few tricks you can use to create a tank that looks dazzling and provides a healthy environment for your favorite species.

The Secret to a Thriving Aquarium

• Replace the Aquarium Water Frequently

In the wild, your fish enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of new water. There are currents that push out contaminants (both natural and otherwise) and bring in a fresh supply. In the tank, however, the water basically sits still; it’s up to you to be the current!

Regularly change a portion of your water and you’ll be able to keep fish healthy. How much should you change? That depends on who you ask. Some sources recommend changing 25% of the water every month, while others say you should replace 10% to 15% of the water every two weeks. There are even recommendations for changing 50% of the water every week, but if you stick to 25% every month, your fish will be in good shape.

• Don’t Overcrowd the Fish

People don’t like to be crowded, and neither do fish. Be sure to keep the population in your tank low so fish have plenty of room to roam. One of the most common rules is one inch of fish (front to tail length) for every gallon in the tank. But fish are not all shaped the same; some are slender while others are plump. While the one-inch rule works well in principle, you can also make estimates based on the overall volume of your tank. But one rule always holds: it’s best to have too few fish than too many.

• Limit the Light in Your Aquarium

Secret to a Thriving Aquarium

The light in your aquarium, for the most part, is for you to view the fish and not for the fish themselves. To keep the tank thriving, it’s best to keep the lights on for 12 hours or less a day. Light can support algae growth, so the less you use, the less algae you will have. Keeping the lights to a minimum is one of the secrets to a thriving aquarium.

• Add Plants: The Underrated Secret to a Thriving Aquarium

We always hear about the health benefits of trees and plants, and the same principles apply to underwater vegetation. Plants provide filtration, protection, and can even help prevent algae growth. Another potential advantage is food, as many fish (but certainly not all) will eat pieces of plants, giving them a healthy food alternative and a more diverse diet.

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The Secret to a Thriving Aquarium

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