Quality Experts in Scottsdale Aquarium Maintenance

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Quality Experts in Scottsdale Aquarium Maintenance


[big_title2]Your Saltwater Aquarium “To Do” List[/big_title2]

Saltwater aquariums can act like an oasis to help you kick back and relax for a few hours. Watching the fish move in and out of the coral, or just floating along, calms the nerves and eases the senses. Yet with any type of an aquarium, even saltwater aquariums, they need to be taken care of every day. For the best advice on all types of aquariums, Seatech is the expert for Scottsdale aquarium maintenance.

In many ways, saltwater aquariums are like children because they needs lots of love and care. Even one day without attending to your tank can create an unhealthy aquatic home. So to stay on top of your aquarium maintenance, the “To Do” list below will help keep you on track for your aquarium maintenance.


  • Wash your hands before you start working in or on your saltwater tank. Soaps, lotions, food particles – anything that is ‘foreign’ to your aquarium will create problems for the fish, the coral, and the water. Saltwater aquariums require ‘balance’ in order to stay healthy.
  • Check on your saltwater tank every day. Watch your fish and how they act with a keen eye. When they swim, are they active? Do they still look healthy? Maybe they tend to hide in a corner and won’t come out not even for food. If you see any signs that look like they have been hurt, or are just not acting normal, then you need to figure out what is going on without delay.
  • Test your saltwater tank on a daily basis. Watch for signs of fungus growing on the glass. Is the water too hot or too cold? Check to make sure the filters are working. Dirty or polluted water can mean a filter, pump or circulation problem. Saltwater aquariums have to be as close to ‘natural’ saltwater conditions as possible to keep fish and fauna lively.
  • Be careful when you select any new fish. Keep your new fish in a separate tank for a few days before you let them meet the rest of the family. Continue to look for anything that hints they may be sick or hurt. Once you are sure they are in good health, add each fish to the tank slowly. Let them swim around and get to know their other tank dwellers. When you make sure everyone gets along, you will prevent ‘fish fights’ that trigger nasty results in your tank.
  • Feed your saltwater fish on a regular schedule. Too much food causes poor water quality, disturbs the saltwater balance, or causes the fish and the tank to get sick and/or die. Small amounts are the best, several times a day, and make sure all of the food is eaten.
  • IMG_1696Do not overcrowd your tank. As fish mature, new fish take up residency, or you add a new coral or plant life, things can get a bit ‘tight’ which will put your tank out of shape. Again, balance is the key for a great looking aquarium.
  • Always do your fish research. Some types of fish get along great and others will end up running the show and scaring everyone! When pairing fish, Tangs are very popular. They add great color but can be a bit nasty. Another good fish is a Talbot’s Damsel. Damsel’s are hardy fish and do not grow very big. As long as there are no fish fights, illnesses or tank issues, they will live a long time. My favorite is the Clownfish (yes, I love Nemo!!). They are in the same family as Damsel fish, can be a bit bossy, but are great saltwater additions.

Now that you have your To Do list, let Seatech’s aquarium team help you plan, design and maintain your saltwater aquarium. As experts in Scottsdale saltwater aquarium maintenance, you can be sure that your tank will get the best care available. Jimmie and Mike have over 60+ years of combined knowledge in aquarium experience. The guys at Seatech love a challenge, and no one does aquarium maintenance better than Seatech!

Call Seatech today and find out how easy it will be when they are your Scottsdale aquarium maintenance specialists. And don’t forget to ask about their 6-month Live-stock guarantee! Whether Seatech comes in to start your saltwater tank, or take over an existing saltwater tank, rest assured that Seatech is the ‘best’ choice in Scottsdale saltwater aquarium maintenance. And for more information on saltwater fish, corals and marine aquariums in general, visit http://animal-world.com/encyclo/marine/salt.htm


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