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Our Favorite Types of Coral for Saltwater Aquariums

Beautiful coral is one of our favorite elements of saltwater aquariums. The fact that they vary so extensively by nature is fascinating, and the colors, shapes, and details add exciting color and character to your fish tank. Because so many types of coral for saltwater aquariums exist, swapping them or adding new ones into your tank is a fun way to redesign your aquarium and give it a new look.

If you’re a new hobbyist, you probably want some of everything. At the same time, the many categories and subcategories of coral can be very confusing and overwhelming.

We’ll help you narrow it down with our list of the best types of coral for saltwater aquariums.

Best Types of Coral for Saltwater Aquariums

1. Leather Corals

Leather corals are suitable for all kinds of light and water qualities, and they are available in virtually every color under the rainbow.

Varieties of leather corals include:

  • Toadstool Leather
  • Long Polyping Leather
  • Rasta Leather
  • Yellow Fiji Finger Leather
  • Blue Devils Finger Leather

2. Mushroom Corals

Mushroom corals are strong and grow in many shapes and colors. They are fairly aggressive, so they’ll need a lot of space.

Some types of mushroom corals are:

  • Lavender Mushroom
  • Green Fluorescent Mushroom
  • Bullseye Rhodactis Mushroom
  • Spotted Mushroom
  • Mushroom Anemones
  • Disc Anemones

3. Euphyllia Corals

Euphyllia hammer coral is one of our favorite types of coral for saltwater aquariums. We love their color, and they are sturdy enough to last. For aquarium design and fish tank installation services, contact Seatech Aquariums.

Euphyllia Hammer Coral

Corals in the Euphyllia family are among our favorite for their vivid color and fascinating appearance, and they are easy to maintain. They have a variety of colors and do very well in reef aquariums.

Our favorites include:

  • Hammer Coral
  • Frogspawn
  • Torch Coral

4. Gorgonians, also known as Alcyonacea

Gorgonian Sea Fan and Soft Coral are pictured underwater. They are among the favorite types of coral for saltwater aquariums.

Gorgonian Sea Fan and Soft Coral

Gorgonians resemble tree branches or twigs. The soft coral is also known by the term sea fan or sea whip, and the individual polyps form colonies that can be several feet high.

Types of gorgonians include:

  • Red Gorgonian
  • Purple Bush Sea Fan
  • Encrusting Gorgonian
  • Bushy Sea Rod
  • Pacific Encrusting Gorgonian

5. Zoanthid Corals

Zoanthid are among the top types of coral for saltwater aquariums.

White Encrusting Zoanthid

Zoanthid corals are polyp corals that do very well in reef aquariums, and we love the flair they add to aquarium designs.

Some types are:

  • Rastas
  • Super Metallic Blue
  • Amazing Superman
  • Golden Oranges
  • Eyes of Jupiter

6. Small Polyp Stony Coral

Stony corals within the SPS family are also among the corals we prefer to use in our aquarium designs. They are strong, easy to work with, and a beautiful addition to your saltwater aquarium.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Branching Acropora
  • Montipora Capricornis

Contact Seatech for Saltwater Aquarium Design

If you need help determining the best types of coral for your saltwater aquarium, contact Seatech Aquariums. We’ll help you create or redesign a beautiful, colorful, and vibrant environment for your wildlife.


The best types of coral for saltwater aquariums will last a long time and beautify your fish tank. Contact our aquarium maintenance technician if your aquarium needs a redesign, for general aquarium maintenance services in the greater Phoenix area, or to have a fish tank installed.


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6 Ways to Tell Your Aquarium Needs a Redesign

So you’ve had your aquarium for years, and you definitely wouldn’t want your home or place of business to be without one. But it’s clearly not the same as it used to be. There was a time when your eyes would sparkle just looking at your spectacular aquarium. Now, you have to squint your eyes just to be able to make out what’s inside. You’ve probably learned to live with it, but we’re here to tell you there’s hope. … Simply put, your aquarium needs a redesign. It can and will be restored to its former glory.

Identifying When Your Aquarium Needs a Redesign

1. The glass or acrylic tank itself is looking pretty shabby.

If it’s truly in poor condition, you might need the entire fish tank replaced. But if we’re talking only a few minor scratches, one of our aquarium technicians can fix that right up.

2. The live plants have staked their claim.

Once those plants overwhelm the fish tank, it’s time for them to be pruned or removed. Overgrown plants can suffocate your livestock by sapping all the oxygen out of your fish tank. When your live plants are overgrown, they’re also more likely to have a significant amount of algae, making it more difficult for you and your filters to maintain the optimal water quality in the tank. And, quite simply, overgrown plants will make it harder for you to see and enjoy the wildlife.

3. It’s become harder and harder to maintain optimal water quality.

If you have owned your fish tank awhile, there’s a good chance that the filters that you bought years ago aren’t functioning like they used to and that the algae levels are out of control. Unless an aquarium technician regularly maintains your fish tank, keeping it clean all the time can be a massive undertaking. As a result, algae and debris will accumulate. An aquarium redesign will address all those maintenance issues to help you start from scratch.

4. There’s an overcrowding situation going on.

When you first bought your fish, they were probably little and cute, so you filled your fish tank with all kinds of wildlife, plants, rock, and decor, with room to spare. As the fish got bigger, you soon found that there wasn’t so much room left anymore. If your fish are bumping heads, literally and metaphorically, your aquarium needs a redesign.

If your fish are butting heads, literally and metaphorically, it's a sign that your aquarium needs a redesign. For aquarium maintenance services in Phoenix, contact Seatech Aquariums today.

5. The rock and gravel are beyond saving.

If the rock and gravel are no longer in decent shape, or if they have become completely overtaken by algae and debris, they’ll probably need to be replaced. New rock and new gravel can give your tank a fresh new look, so it will inspire you to redesign your aquarium altogether.

6. You’re simply bored with the same old look.

Sometimes it’s as easy as that. You’re just tired of looking at the same old, same old aquarium day after day. A simple redesign can make you love your fish tank again.

Let Us Give Your Aquarium a Fresh New Look

If you’ve decided that your aquarium needs a redesign, we’re here to help. We can give you suggestions and install and maintain your aquarium in your home or business anywhere in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Contact us today, and we’ll help you make that aquarium look better than ever.

Contact our aquarium maintenance technician if your aquarium needs a redesign, for general aquarium maintenance services in the greater Phoenix area, or to have a fish tank installed.

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