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Jimmie Hernandez | Owner 

With over 20 years of successful aquarium design, setup, and maintenance, Jimmie heads both the residential and commercial divisions at Seatech Aquariums.

Jimmie has been the vision and execution behind the successful growth of Seatech Aquariums. His clients absolutely love his professionalism and passion to seeing that their aquariums, whether freshwater, saltwater or reef tanks, are thriving and turning a long-term investment.

While Jimmie is a seasoned expert in the aquatic industry, he continues to research and is up to date on the latest industry news, trends, and also attends both local and nationwide seminars and conferences. Seatech Aquariums has access to knowledge and trends that are regularly changing, and he makes certain that these methodologies and technologies are passed on directly to our amazing customers.

Jimmie is considered a seasoned expert within the Aquatic Industry and is commonly called upon by various industry experts for his expertise and shared knowledge.


Mike Kautz | Owner 
Mike brings over 40 years of successful experience in freshwater and marine aquariums. As a youngster, Mike had a freshwater aquarium and was a true hobbyist before Seatech Aquariums was even born. Mike was a member of The Desert Marine Society in the mid 1990’s learning about different methods and ideas about saltwater keeping, before forming his dream come true to providing excellent full solution services to clients. It was always talked about that more and more people were buying and setting up saltwater aquariums, however they were not having long term success. With the knowledge and seeing first hand industry challenges, Seatech Aquariums was born in 1999.

Today, you will find Mike throughout the valley providing expertise in design and new setups, re-designs and maintaining the most challenging of aquarium setups for both commercial and residential Seatech Aquarium clients. We are pleased to have a duo of Jimmie and Mike working together in servicing our excellent client base, which today holds over 120 customers in the Phoenix metro area.

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Customer Feedback

Jimmie  Hernandez with Seatech Aquariums is simply the best. In our rookie years of starting up reef and saltwater aquariums, we struggled with livestock and water quality. After contacting Seatech Aquariums online, Jimmie impressed us with the initial consultation and provided the expertise that any level (novice to expert) aquarium owner is looking for. Seatech now handles our aquarium maintenance and over the last 5 years, we have not lost 1 fish – which is absolutely amazing compared to our personal experiences of going back and forth to the fish store for new livestock on a very frequent basis. For our professional aquarium maintenance services from Seatech, Jimmie always communicates arrival times and uses what we consider a white-glove service – always with the utmost professional and attention to detail. Jimmie brings RODI water, all food supplies, nutrients and even hardware for the aquarium as needed. Once you contact Seatech Aquariums, you will immediately know you made the right decision and you can finally enjoy your aquarium investment and hobby for years to come.

James and Denise Titus
190 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

Testimonial James and Denise Titus